Thursday, December 2, 2010

Plum Buckle with Pecan Topping

While I have enjoyed cobblers, I wasn't familiar with a "buckle", basically a baked dessert featuring fruit. This cake-like wonderfulness, Plum Buckle with Pecan Topping (from, was a delectable desert and a most appropriate way to feature late summer stone fruit. It was so good when I made it in August that I can't believe I forgot to post it (but it would make a nice holiday dessert, or perhaps a version with fresh cranberries)! The batter produced a moist cake which was sweet, and the fresh tartness of the plumbs were an ideal compliment. The crunchy texture of the pecan topping added interest to the dessert while capping it with a bit more sweetness. Another nice perk about this dessert is the ease to which it is assembled. Topped with a heaping mound of fresh whipped cream, this dessert will leave you craving seconds!

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