Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wine Brownies

A few months ago I discovered Irvine's Marche Noir bakery which incorporates "wine flour" into pasta and baked items. I hadn't previously heard of wine flour, so I was intrigued and decided to check out their selection. According to their web site, when grapes are squeezed during the wine making process, the skins and seeds (known as pomace) "not only imparts flavor to the wine, but also gains flavor in the process", and "if dried and milled properly, it becomes a nutritious fragrant flour. High in iron, fiber, and Res-V as well as antioxidants."

I was able to easily order from their web site a sampling of each their brownies: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Currant & Cherry. The brownies offered a rich chocolate complexity (like any good brownie), while also providing a unique undertone from the wine flour. The brownies went fast, so I'll be curious to try some of their other products soon.

1 comment:

  1. I love that the packaging says they are "toothy and dark." Such an unusual way to describe a brownie.