Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Green Beans with Sweet Onion, Bacon & Sea Salt

Oh, the smell of sizzling bacon. What a wonderful aroma. As it was frying the tantalizing scent immediately made we think of being in a country farm house on a cold winter morning. Or, perhaps a crowded diner for Sunday brunch. Instead, I was frying it up to make some fresh green beans a bit more interesting for dinner (and perhaps a little less healthy). I also caramelized a sweet onion and tossed it with the beans and allowed them to cook until somewhat tender. I finished this side dish with a sprinkling of sea salt and I must say, they went quickly and were rather delightful. The smoky, crisp bacon and surprising sweetness of the onion were a pleasant addition.


  1. Fresh green beans are one of my favorite vegetables. These look wonderful, especially with the onion and bacon! They are a nice counterpart to the carrots in the previous posting! Good to see the ongoing bounty of the area.

  2. nyum... nyum... looks delicious!